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Sometimes I Watch Musicals

April 3rd, 2011 (03:10 pm)

feeling:: sleepy
dancing to:: Fantasies Come True - Avenue Q

Choose your favourites from each category.

As filled out by me and Morgan after watching 12 musicals in 3 days.

1. Best Opening Number - Morgan says The Lion King. The animals entering from the house and all that fun stuff. I haven't seen The Lion King (yet) so I'm going to say either Phantom of the Opera or Wicked. Phantom for the Overture and the chandelier (even though it was broken when I saw it) and Wicked because it's so dramatic and epic and Wicked.

2. Best Love Song - We both agree that there is no better love song than As Long As You're Mine from Wicked. SO MUCH CUTE. And when it's Taye and Idina you just sit there going "They're marriiiiiied!"

3. Best Cast Song - Morgan picks Hair from... Hair. I have not seen Hair, so I'mma pick either 76 Trombones from Music Man or Confession from Bare. Both are super lovely.

4. Best Male Solo - Morgan picks Half As Big As Life from Promises, Promises. I am possibly biased (because I love Aaron Tveit) but I really, really like I'm Alive from Next to Normal.

5. Best Female Solo - Defying Gravity from Wicked. Done.

6. Best Duet - Morgan picks Pretty Women from Sweeney Todd. Pretty Women scares the crap out of me, so I'm going to pick For Good from Wicked (can you tell I like Wicked?) because it makes me cry a lot.

7. Best Choreography - Morgan chooses Shipoopy from our version of The Music Man. I agree, but also point in the general direction of In The Heights. The dancing is probably the best part of the show. Not that that's saying very much....

8. Best Villain Song - Morgan picks You'll See from Rent, because Benny is like the villain of Rent. (Really? I thought the villain was AIDS. - Izzy) I choose I Am The One from Next to Normal. Again because I love Aaron Tveit, and he is pretty terrifying in N2N.

9. Best Emotional Song - Shine Like The Sun from 9 to 5 is Morgan's pick. I choose Bare the ENTIRE MUSICAL. Not actually. But either Bare or One from Bare.

10. Best Finale - Morgan chooses Hair's finale. Finale's are possibly my favorite parts of most musicals so this was super hard. In terms of songs I really like For Now from Avenue Q, but as far as really excellent moments in shows it would have to be either Being Alive from Company or the finale of Wicked.