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you're my wonderwall [userpic]

Sometimes We Say Funny Things

January 27th, 2011 (02:56 pm)

feeling:: chipper

So Celyne came over to me and Izzy's today for hair dying shenanigans... And oh what shenanigans there were....

(sounds of screaming from bathroom)
Meaghan: Can I help you in anyway?
Izzy: Abso-fucking-lutely!

Izzy: I need to wash my foot!
Meaghan: We are cleaning the floor and sink! Your skin will fall off eventually!

Izzy: (after washing foot) I'm still a green alien spawn!

Meaghan: Izzy is just sitting on the mat washing her foot and singing Techie's Dream!

Meaghan: Did you just jump into the shower with your clothes on?
Izzy: No! I stuck my foot in the shower with my clothes on!

Izzy: I need alcohol!
Celyne: There you go with the self centered thing again!
Izzy: ...WE need alcohol!

Meaghan: No wait! Spatula it back into the pot!
Izzy: We don't have a spatula!
Meaghan: We'll use the brush.
Izzy: I have a spoon...
Meaghan: Don't use one of our spoons on dye!

Celyne: Do you have any rag towels?
Izzy: I will now!

Celyne: Dish soap is amazing! George is onto something...

Izzy: This is our Inception stick
Celyne:...It pokes at reality to keep it from collapsing?