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Because There's Never An Excuse For Stirrup Pants

May 11th, 2010 (10:01 pm)

feeling:: cheerful
dancing to:: Glee season 1.2

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Tomorrow Our First Trust Exercise is WEAPON BUILDING

May 9th, 2010 (10:14 pm)

My life is REALLY boring and repetitive right now... As it generally is in the summer. I work (which is boring and long and dirty and boring and long) and then am forced into doing this "Village on a Diet" thing by my mother. And sometimes I hang out with people or watch Glee.

So this is the point of summer where my LJ becomes The 12 Year Old Girl Blog! And I spend a good chunk of time ranting about Disney/Nickelodeon shows/actors/singers and it's just very embarrassing all around.

There will be weekly breaks for Glee liveblogging.

But other than Tuesday nights... I (unfortunately) will have reverted back into my 12 year old self. Which doesn't take a lot, really. I have the mentality of a 14 year old on a good day.

...I apologize in advance.

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This Song Should Be Arrested For The Crime of Sucking

May 4th, 2010 (11:45 pm)

feeling:: angry
dancing to:: Glee season 1.2

So... It's Glee liveblog time again!
...It's my first time through this time... And it's ridic late at night... And I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow...
So things are BOUND to get interesting. : D

This is not happening. The cruel, slow motion laughter is just your imagination.Collapse )

Okay, so... On an improvement scale that episode ranks about a 9.5. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, RYAN MURPHY!
Jonathan Groff needs to KEEP BEING ON THE SHOW though. And NEVER LEAVE.

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How Do You Two Not Have A Show On Bravo?

April 28th, 2010 (12:15 am)

feeling:: awake
dancing to:: Glee season 1.2

Okay... It's liveblogging time! ...Again. Or an attempt anyway.
I've made the decision to liveblog Glee since I can no longer watch it with Morgan (which is oh so very sad) and watching Glee with my parents is just not the same. They don't know who Kristin Chenoweth is! (Though, granted after hearing her name my mom knew she was in Wicked.)

So yeah. This is my second time through, so I've already come up with some clever things!
...Not really. I'm never all that clever.

I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diaryCollapse )

Um... So yeah. Basically Glee needs to STOP BEING CONFUSING and also needs to SUCK A LITTLE BIT LESS. But keep the awesome Brittney and Santana stuff it's got going on.
And also Jonathon Groff.

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What's Wrong With Me Is You're Freakishly Tall!

April 20th, 2010 (01:51 pm)

feeling:: busy
dancing to:: The Word of Your Body - Spring Awakening

So... Um... I don't actually remember a lot of what's been happening...
...NOT school that's for sure. : P

Soooo I guess... Last Saturday I spent the day hanging out with Crystal watching dance movies, and then my dance videos. It was super fun. We both miss dance a ton and so it was nice to just hang out and have dancer talk. We watched Save the Last Dance 2 (which is better than the first), Step Up, Center Stage, and then dance from 2008 and 2009. I had excellent times.
Crystal ended up leaving around 9:00, and then Morgan texted me and said she was bored and had nothing to do but drive her sister to Oil... So I said I also had nothing to do, and she responded with "I'll be there in 2 minutes." So yay for spontaneous hang out times! : D We mostly just sat around and talked until 2:00. It was super fun.

Sunday I went up (down, actually... I think) to Whyte Ave to go to the Wee Book Inn which is this super cool used bookstore. I ended up buying quite a few books. I got the first two Cirque du Freak books, Little House on the Prairie, and the first Georgia Nicholson book. I'm def going to use the Wee Book Inn to fill in my series, since I'm really bad at buying books I've already read when they're full price.
I also came across this really cool vintage store that was having a delightful sale on Converse. $25. I texted Morgan in a fit of excitement and she really wanted some, so I ended up with a pair of pink low tops for her, and a pair of teal high tops for me. For $60. It was awesome.

Monday I went into school for Wardrobe and Paint. I fixed up my brick and made it actually readable during Wardrobe, and talked to Geri about my Individual Studies. It was good. Then during Paint I tried SO HARD to finish my texture project and satin is just too hard to paint and pointe shoes are awkward colours and I just didn't finish it.

So I went in on Tuesday during Stage Craft and finished it and it was delightful.

Tuesday after school me, Izzy, and Celyne all went to Morgan's for the PREMIERE OF GLEE. Which was SO DELIGHTFUL and GOOD TIMES. Natalie and Thomas were also there and they are fun times. We ordered pizza and got slurpees and had Kinder Surprises (because that's what we do when we watch Glee). The actual episode was good, but not by Glee standards necessarily. Too much drama not enough awesome. Puck and Kurt were barely in the episode and they are my favorite glee kids.
But JONATHON GROFF. UGH. LOVE HIM. And Idina was fabulous too. And just UGH. Love it. Rachel singing Gives You Hell was kind of awesome, and then the Lea/Jonathan Hello duet was beautifuuuul.
After it was done people trickled out and me and Morgan drove all the way to Fort Saskatchewan to pick up Carly and THAT was a bizarre experience. But anyway... We returned to Morgan's house, rewatched Glee and then went to bed.

The next morning Carly's mom picked her up, me and Morgan went to the Candy Bouquet. I got Milky Ways, a Mr. Goodbar (because of that play me and Emily did last year in which I was supposed to be Mr. Goodbar) and a Willy Wonka bar that said I could find a golden ticket. Then we went to Theatre History class.
Where we learned about dancers catching on fire and traps that eat you and scratch you and it was just really violent.
We were let out of Theatre History early so I stuck around and talked to John in more detail about my Individual Studies so I can start over the summer. I've got a pretty clear idea about what needs to be done and I'm pretty excited to start.
Then my mom picked me up and we checked her into res and drove out to Fort Sask. We went to Kelsey's for supper and ran into the Raena and Kelani and their mom and ended up eating with them. That was fun. Just like old times. :)
Then we went over to the theatre and watched variety duos (Lauren & Emma and Kendra & Jayna) which were so cute. Jayna and Kendra should have won, they were so good. But the adjudicator was stupid and they didn't.
We also sat through the variety groups which were really good but had a lot of Legally Blonde. Then MuTh. Our girls did really good, but once again the adjudicator was stupid, so it wasn't reflected.

Thursday I didn't have class at all so me and my mom went out for breakfast and then drove up to see Lauren's solo. She did such a good job and I am so proud of her. She should have gotten gold, and Most Promising, but the adjudicator is stupid and she didn't. She did really fantastic though, and I really hope she keeps doing variety, she could get REALLY good at it.
After Lauren's solo I got semi roped into watching Kelani's demi because I had kind of promised her I would the night before. It was really cute, and I believe she ended up with Love Of for it, so that's good.
After Kelani's solo me and my mom drove out to Whyte Ave and shopped around for a couple of hours. It was really cool. On our way back to Fort Sask Karleigh phoned and said we should meet them for dinner in Sherwood Park, so we had a little bit of an adventure trying to find the place, but it was so worth it. It was this little pasta place where you basically just made your own pasta dish. Very cool. And hanging out with Garrette and Karleigh was really really fun.
After supper we convinced our parents that we really needed ice cream so we found the closest Marble Slab and went there. Then me and my mom drove back into Edmonton.

Friday I had Theatre History in the morning, and then my Lighting final. Lighting wasn't really bad at all. I actually knew most of the stuff, so I think I'll end up doing pretty well in that class. To the surprise of many... Including me.
After my final my mom drove me out to Fort Sask and dropped me off with Carly and her mom, who I was staying with for the weekend along with Amanda and her mom. After my mom left we hang out in the hotel room for a bit before decided to go to Wal-Mart. Where I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes. 1 pair of purple heel that were $9, and one pair of black wedges that were $17. Then we went over to Payless where I got ANOTHER pair of shoes. White flats for $7. Then we headed back to the hotel so Carly could get ready for her dances that night.

Saturday Amanda and Carly didn't dance until 5:45, so their moms went to West Ed, and we hung around the hotel room. We watched TV, played card games, and then decided to get The Lovely Bones. It was a really good movie. It was close to the book, but more in a way that it was based off the book as opposed to being an adaptation. While we were watching I curled Carly and Amanda's hair, then we headed over to the theatre. They had their group lyrical, which is really pretty, and they did a good job. Then we all (and by all I do mean all) went out for supper to Boston Pizza.
SUCH FUN. I sat with Cassie, Carly, Amanda, Raena, Garrette, Karleigh, and Rebecca. We talked and laughed and reminisced and it was really fun. Then we went back to the hotel and saw that all the little kids were swimming, so Carly and Amanda decided to be good seniors and make an appearance. I didn't have a swimsuit so I just stood on the sidelines... Then I was hugged by little Cassie, Kelani, and Kendra.

Sunday the girls danced pretty much all day, so I mostly just watched. I hung out with Nikki a lot because after the first number she was done for the day. That was fun. : D
My mom showed up sometime in the afternoon and we watched a little bit more dancing and then drove back into Edmonton. We went out for supper and then my mom made me start packing. I got four boxes and Rock Band packed up, so I sent that home with my mom on Monday.

Then I spent the rest of Monday packing and kind of cleaning. I'm not doing too badly. I have my closet and all my drawers empty, all my books and DVDs gone. I mostly have the bathroom and kitchen left, which is not a whole lot. Unfortunately I ran out of boxes. Sucks. :(

Tonight I'm going to hang out with Morgan for one last time before summer and watch Glee. It will be grand times, I'm sure.

Some Random Quotes From Who Knows When
-on Pokemon-
Kelsey: 90% of this show is explaining what's happening.
Cassandra: Yeah, and the other 10% is Brock hitting on women.

-on me and Morgan-
Ashley: Are you guys talking about your nerd day?

-on me freaking out about Jonathan Groff-
Morgan: Wow. Meaghan's not gonna make it.

-on reliving my birthday-

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Something's Coming

April 8th, 2010 (11:49 pm)

feeling:: tired

So yeah. I'm like SUPER bored right now... And have nothing to do, really.

I just finished watching Broadway: The American Musical, which Morgan lent me. It was delightful. Okay, so the first episode was kind of dull and if I didn't know about the Ziegfeld Follies I would have skipped it. But by the third episode I was starting to recognize a lot more of the shows. (Including Yankee. Blaaah.)
The Pajama Game was even included, which made me laugh a little bit, because The Pajama Game is kind of terrible.
Also I saw LJ in the Wicked rehearsal footage which was totes cool.
...I really love Wicked.

Um... I finished my Stage Craft project on Tuesday... So now I get a really long gap between English and whatever else on Tuesdays and Thursdays... Except that we only have one Tuesday left. Which is crazy.

I've been thinking about maybe going into Theatre Arts after next year. I really miss dancing and preforming and all that good stuff... And there are rumors floating about that if you do Theatre Prod and Theatre Arts you get a BFA so... Worth it? Maybe? I'll probably audition... Just to see... I guess maybe?

I went to see Geri's play's preview on Tuesday with Izzy, Celyne, and Erika. It was really good, and Geri was really excited that we were there.

...Iii should probably be sleeping right now... So this was ridiculously pointless and stuff.

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Portrait of a Girl

April 4th, 2010 (12:41 pm)

feeling:: relaxed

So... I guess it's been awhile. Sucks how that ends up happening. Hopefully this won't be too long...
But who am I kidding, it probably will be.

Um... So... Wednesday the... Whatever... I watched Bare that morning, which means I probs didn't have to be at school until later. And I believe it was Dress Rehearsal. Which went REALLY well... As far as I can remember? But very high stress. Very very high stress.

Thursday I had more Heart of Darkness in Lit, some little sewing things to do, and then we had Preview. Which was a gong show, I'm pretty sure.

Friday was Opening, and we totes didn't have to be in until the afternoon! It was AWESOME. Opening went... Relatively well for Wardrobe, I think.
After Opening we went out to Brado's (as per usual). I hung out with Crystal, Kate, Kate's friend, Chris, and Nolan for most of the night, and then headed off with Izzy, Erika, Celyne, Wendelynn, William, and probably some other people to Denny's for 3am breakfast. Which is totally going to be a tradition next year. Ah ha ha! I love 3am Denny's.

Saturday we had most of the day off, and then another show at night. It went well, as far as I can remember. Dressing always takes a little time to get into a good groove... But yeah. It was nice.

Sunday we had two shows, and both went well? I don't know, it was a long time ago, ha ha.

Monday classes started up again, and it was also totes Dark Day. So that was awesome. I'm pretty sure I did a little grocery shopping, and did some laundry. And I'm pretty sure it was great.

Tuesday - Friday was all the same. Classes then a show. Nothing super exciting happened, as far as I can remember.

Saturday was Closing, and it went SO WELL. It was kind of crazy. Some people went out, I went home. Because we had Strike the next day at 8am.

Strike went well. We took out all of our alterations, and me and Morgan were sent to clean Wardrobe Storage. Which we did. With funny costumes. Good times ensued. Wardrobe Storage is just kind of awesome. We had to be done by 3, and apparently not everything was finished, so we went back Monday after class and finished up. I helped Props clean Props Storage. There is some interesting stuff up there, I have to say.

Tuesday we got let out of Lighting really early, so me and Izzy went on a car wash adventure. It was quite delightful, as they usually are.

Wednesday - Thursday I only had classes. And that was weird. Like... Really weird. I only had four days like that this semester up until then. Time off makes me really, really, really bored...

Friday after class me and Izzy decided it would be fun to see a movie that night. So she looked up the times when we got home and we decided to go see How to Train Your Dragon. It was SO GOOD. I really liked it. Part way through the movie we decided Izzy was def totes Toothless, the dragon, and I was Hiccup, the loser misfit viking. It was really, really fun.

Saturday was my first day off in 35 days, and oh what a glorious day it was. I cleaned my room really well and then went to the Alberta Art Gallery. They have a Degas exhibit, and Degas is ind of my favorite artist ever, so I had to go. It was really fun. The Degas stuff was all amazing. I spend most of my time in there, but there were also exhibits on Goya and Karsh, and then some other cool ones. There was one called The Murder of Crows which was an audio exhibit. It was a white room with speakers set up everywhere, and a gramophone in the center. A recording of a woman talking about dreams about wars played with music and sound effects and it was super cool.

Sunday I went to West Ed and shopped and spent some gift certificates I had. I got a shirt at American Eagle, 2 of the Alice in Wonderland nail polishes, Post Grad, and a bear from Build-a-Bear. It was fun. I like shopping, and the hunting for the Alice in Wonderland nail polish was an adventure and a half.

Monday classes as per usual.

Tuesday after class me and Morgan ventured over to see the Theatre Arts kids cabarets. They were really good. Basically they have to put on 20 minute performances with songs and such. They have to do one song with at least one other person, and either a medley or a parody. Tuesday night Brian parodied "I Don't Wanna Show Off No More" to "I Don't Wanna Jerk Off No More." That was REALLY funny. Bracken's cabaret was really good, also. Definitely my favorite, I think.

Wednesday I went back to the cabarets with Kaitlin. There were lot's of supper hilarious parodies that night. Liike... Tim - A Whole New World "I'll Rule The World", Ashley W - Defying Gravity "I've Got A Cavity", Chelsea - Good Morning, Baltimore "I'll Kill You Voldemort", and Nolan - Pretty Women "Fluffy Kittens." Good times. Tim, Matt B, and Jesse also sang Big Ass Rock, which was too awesome for words.
Also on this night I texted my mom and said I really wanted to come home for the weekend... Ad by the end of the cabarets I had my tickets! it was super cool.

Thursday I had class, then me, Izzy, Celyne, and Anna ventured across to Ceili's (an Irish pub) for $5 fish and chips, but it was way too busy, so we went to a different pub on Jasper instead. It was really fun. I didn't drink (of course) and I was the only one, so I got the lovely new nickname of "Kid's Corner." Yup. I'm awesome.
After the pub we went back to Res and watched Breakfast on Pluto, which seemed really good and I will have to watch more in depth sometime.
Around 10:45 Izzy drove me to the bus depot and dropped me off. I got my ticket and whatevs, and my bus left at midnight.
I read for a little bit, and listened to music and I actually slept and it was AWESOME. Hacing two seats on a bus really makes a difference.

I got in Friday morning at 8:30 (time change. yay.) and my dad picked me up. I spent Friday just hanging around. My brother was supposed to get in Friday afternoon, but his flight was cancelled and he was rebooked for the next day.
I dyed some eggs and they were awesome, so that's cool. I was super tired though, so I went to bed really early.

Saturday I hung around with my family watching ridiculous old home movies of when I was a baby. Apparently my parents gave me crackers to shut me up, since I cried so much. Also... My brother kicked me in the head and pushed me over. In one video.
After supper I drove into town and picked Amanda up and we went to Blockbuster to rent some movies. We got 500 Days of Summer, Whip It, and Julie & Julia. They were all really good, and hanging out with Amanda until 3:00 in the morning was fun too.

This morning I woke up and got chocolate. I had already gotten my Easter presents in the mail, since my mom didn't think I'd be home. I got Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan, Broadway Bound by Jen Calonita, Fourth Comings by Megan McSomethingerother, Grease, and a new shirt. Quite delightful. :)

ETA: New layout! It's about time I had a Glee one, I figure. Mood theme to follow, hopefully.

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Do You Want To Know A Secret?

April 2nd, 2010 (02:08 pm)

LJ Cut For Long Ass MeMeCollapse )

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A Little More About Muchness

March 10th, 2010 (01:01 pm)

feeling:: cheerful
dancing to:: Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6

Soooo... I forgot some things last night. I blame tiredness... Or something.

At some point while we still had classes me, Chris, Aleisha, and Kaitlin went to McDonald's. It was SO FUN. Chris may have sang Backstreet Boys... If by "may" you mean "totally did and it was awesome" ...Which I do!
Aleisha and Kaitlin also scampered off into the play place and it was so super hilarious.

The night of the 4th I ended up going down to Izzy's because she was baking, and Wendelynn was making soup. It turned into a "We've Had Two Super Sucky Weeks and Need to Just Have Fun/Break Up" party. I was super fun. Serena's boyfriend had just broke up with her, so she just got drunk, and her friend was over who was delightful and fun to talk to, and then Wendelynn brought William over and it was such a delightful group. Izzy made really yummy chocolate cupcakes, Wendelynn's soup was awesome, and I did a shot of Jag. Without wincing. Izzy was proud. And shocked. But mostly proud.

On the 5th (when we saw Alice in Wonderland) Wardrobe and some of Props (read Izzy, Julius, and Dani) went out to get Chinese food for lunch. It was such wonderous times! My crew is kind of awesome, and Props is just kind of awesome. Our wonderful crew heads ended up paying for our lunch which was so nice of them.
Basically Friday was kind of a super awesome wonderful day. : )

Also at some point last week my tailbone started hurting, so I kind of thought that I had bruised it. Except I didn't remember falling or hitting it or anything. So that was weird. Then it started hurting a lot more, so I went to the clinic, and got it checked out. Turns out it was... Inflammed or something. Idk. But they gave me Tylenol 3 and something to make it go away, so I was satisfied.

And finally, on a sad note, we lost both Jill and Aleisha from the program. Aleisha dropped because she wasn't enjoying it anymore, and Jill had to drop for personal reasons. Bother were extraordinarily sad, and I'll totally miss both of them SO MUCH. Jill's supposedly going to try and come back next year.

Also... This morning I watched Bare. It was SO MAGICAL. SO MAGICAL. I cried a little.

And some quotes because I'm cool...

Me: How many periods in a hockey game?
Curtis/Chris: ...Are you Canadian?
Morgan: DO you know how many different fruits and vegetables are in Peach Mango?
Me: Everything's better if it fits in your mouth.
Me: "Dear Jessica, I will not be into call today, on account of we drove to SASKATCHEWAN. Please inform Julius Izzy will also not be in."
Dana: I don't joke about bed times, Meaghan. They're serious things.

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Much About Muchness

March 9th, 2010 (10:02 pm)

feeling:: ecstatic
dancing to:: C'est La Vie - B*Witched

So the week after Reading Week I had classes. Sucks. I have come to 2 conclusions: Wardrobe is fun when you're done all your work, and mixing colours is THE DEVIL and I HATE IT.
Our Theatre History class was canceled on the Wednesday, because our teacher fell, which sucks, but he's fine and we enjoyed the time off. YAY!
Friday we had a Lighting midterm which I don't think I sucked at as bad as I thought I would... I don't know for sure yet. But that's what I think.

Then Production Week started and it was kind of crazy fun. I really really really really like Wardrobe, and the crew is kind of delightfully awesome. Little Beth is ridiculous and weird and does the cookiest things, Morgan has ridiculous and awesome stories... Ah. It's just wonderful. We're the weirdest group to throw together, and also the craziest individually, so we make a kind of weird combination. Which Dana and Jessica enjoyed pointing out often.

Friday (the 5th) Izzy and Dani pranced into the Wardrobe room with an open invitation to see Alice in Wonderland which I JUMPED ON. We ended up getting off a bit early that night too, so it was so wonderful. The group turned out to be me, Izzy, Dani, Crystal, Erika, Julius, and Kels. It was kind of a quirky group, and I'm sure Kels and Julius just LOVED hanging out with a bunch of first year girls. We went to see it at West Ed, and got there a bit early, so we sat around in line until about 10:30, when me, Crystal, and Erika went to retrieve snacks for everyone. We got back, went into the theatre, sat down, Julius DUMPED MY POPCORN ON THE FLOOR and it was just wonderful times. I did actually miss hanging with Julius. He's a pretty awesome guy. I also definitely missed Izzy and Crystal. Me and Crystal planned our NYC trip a bit more also. It shall rock so much.
The movie itself was SO AWESOME. I love it a lot. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were probably best, but the girl who played Alice was also REALLY GOOD, as was Anne Hathaway. I really liked that it was making no attempt to be like either book, and was just a delightful mashuppy sequel type thing. So wonderful. I also really enjoyed that I got all the little references from the book that were thrown in. So delightful.
After the movie Izzy drove me, Crystal, Dani, and Erika home. Dani got dropped off first and we almost decided to road trip to Saskatchewan, since we were already on the Yellow Head and all... Ha ha.
Basically it was a really delightful evening with a wonderful group of excellent friends. SO MANY inside jokes came out of that night. SO MANY. (TGIF guys. TGIF) It was marvelous.

The next day, Saturday, was Costume Parade, which is usually a gong show, but we had actually finished everything so we only had to concentrate on how the clothing went on, and alterations.
Costume Parade went REALLY WELL. Bridget (the director) seemed to love everything, and nothing got cut or added, except the 'Next' costumes. Cindy had the actors dressed up in representations of Modern Japan, so like business men, school girls, Harajuku fashion, etc. But Bridget didn't think they were pulling it off all that well, so she decided they should just wear their own clothes. So we didn't have to worry about it anyway! Yaaay!
After Costume Parade we debriefed with Cindy, and then got to go home.

The next day we worked like crazy people to get through our alterations list, which was about 3 pages. We made it through a page and a half, and had to come in the following day.

We did get to leave early on Monday though. On account of we're awesome and finished all our alterations. So I went grocery shopping and it was WONDERFUL. SO WONDERFUL.

Today in Literature we started Heart of Darkness, which I theoretically studied last year... But didn't actually make it past page 3... This time I made it to page 4, and actually faked my way through the reading quiz quite well.
After Lit I bolted down to the Haar where Dana assigned me my quick changes before quick change rehearsal. I do all of Nolan's (yaaay!) and one of Aaron's (also yaaaay!). There are a couple really fast kind of hard ones, but I'll get them with practice, I'm sure. I'm not overly worried, though I'm sure I'll get nervous when there's actual pressure to get them done.
After quick change rehearsal we went up to Wardrobe and worked on the little alterations that came up in the rehearsal. It didn't take all that long, and after wards we set up the dressing rooms, and were out of the school by 7:00, while everyone else sat in tech dress.
No one on the corner got swagga like us! Ha haaa!

Also: Bare is possibly the best musical EVER (Other than Wicked). I want to see it SO BAD. And it's supposed to be opening on Broadway for when I go back to NYC so UH YEAH GOING TO SEE IT. My life WOULD BE COMPLETE. UGH.

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Suddata Suddata

February 21st, 2010 (05:43 pm)

feeling:: awake
dancing to:: Canada vs USA Hockey Game

So the rest of Reading Week was delightful. I spent far too much time with Amanda and Carly, which is totally not a bad thing.

Tuesday morning me and my mom went into the Sew It Yourself shop and I got fabric and patterns and such for my vest. My mom had to teach in the afternoon, so I lazed about and watched the Olympics while I cut out my vest. We got a gold on this day! It was exciting, I am far too emotionally invested.
Tuesday night I picked up Amanda and Carly from dance and we drove around The Loop once for old times sake, then we went to the mall. We hung out and talked for a bit, then went inside and bought our tickets.
We saw Valentines Day, which is totally good. Except for Taylor Swift. Tayor Swift should continue singing, but never, ever, ever, ever, ever be seen. Or act. The rest of the movie was cute. I kind of really adore Topher Grace. Just a little bit. Ashton Kutcher was good too.
After the movie I drove Carly and Amanda home, then went home. By this point it was ridiculously late, so I just went to bed.

Wednesday I woke up, did a little bit of work, then picked Amanda up at school. We went to DQ for lunch, which was awesome. We talked a bit and had fun and it was cool.
After I dropped her off at school I went to Staples and Wal Mart and got a few things for school, then went back up to North Peace to visit the Acting class. I talked with Ms B a lot about school and things. She wants to come see Pacific Overtures, but it doesn't line up with Spring Break, so she won't be able to. She asked me to come back in April with pictures though. : D
Wednesday night I got to go see The Arrogant Worms. BEST EVER. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. It was absolutely amazing. They are ridiculously funny, and totally sang Last Saskatchewan Pirate and there were so many ongoing jokes about the Olympics and ugh. SO good.

Thursday I hung around the house and finished up all the sewing and stuff that I could. I did a bunch of homework and such, and then packed.

Friday me and my mom left for Grande Prairie around 9:30. We got there at about 11:45, and went straight to Costco. I got two new books, because that is what I buy at Costco. I am going to attempt to read a Nicholas Sparks book, and maybe actually like it enough to buy more. I also bought the first book in a new series that is NOT a vampire series and sounds pretty cool.
After Costco we wandered around the mall and got lunch, then we went to take me to the airport. My flight was delayed an hour, surprise surprise, so we got drinks and sat in the restaurant and watched the Olympics.
The flight itself was good, short as per usual. Izzy picked me up and drove me back to res. We got mildly lost, or just kept missing turns. So that was an adventure.
After we got back I went up to Kingsway to look for Olympic stuff for my mom, and I totally bought myself a fish. He's a betta, and his name is Johnny (as in Lennon) and he is to delightful and pretty

Saturday I had call at 8am. I... Made kataginus? Or something along those lines. Saturday night I went grocery shopping, and I have food again! Yay!

Today I also had call at 8am, but i got to hand sew all day and it was super fun! : D

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Lost My iPhone

February 15th, 2010 (09:58 pm)

feeling:: busy
dancing to:: Last Name - Glee

Hokay, soooo this will NOT be as long as last time, because it's only like... 2 weeks, not AN ENTIRE MONTH.

So, Monday the 1st was Strike. At 8 am. Woooo. It actually wasn't terrible, since I was up in Wardrobe. We sorted out costumes, did laundry, put things away. I ended up organizing a totally hellish corner of Wardrobe Storage. There were bins EVERYWHERE. There are still bins EVERYWHERE, but they're at least organized, and have things in them and such.
Also, I found Narnia.

After Strike I... Hung out with my roommates? And David? I possibly also cooked? To be quite honest, I do not remember at all.

Tuesday was David's birthday, so that was awesome. School and class and such as normal, then me, Izzy, and David went to the Elephant & Castle for dinner, largely because of inside jokes between me and David, and also because the food is good.
Dinner was good, we chilled etc.
After dinner I was forced, FORCED I SAY, to meet Blair. I only have this to say - Kid talks a lot. I never thought I would be able to say that about another human being without being a hypocrite, but wow. Kid talks a lot.
And other things. <.< >.>

After my meeting Blair, me and David retreated to my room where we attempted to watch Bare, and when that didn't work we watched JONAS. (Shut up.)

Wednesday was class as per usual, then History got cut short for our Yankee debrief. Which was fine. I got props from Julius for being AWESOME, and it was cool. Afterward me and Izzy met up with David at the City Center campus for this giant poster sale thing. I set a budget for myself which I then totally blew because THERE WAS AN ALICE IN WONDERLAND POSTER THAT WAS TOO PRETTY TO PASS UP.
In the end I got 2 Beatles posters, 1 dance poster, and the beautiful Alice in Wonderland poster.
After THAT I was forced to spend A MILLION YEARS alone with Blair. Well, I wasn't really forced... I guess... idk, I spent a million years with Blair.

Thursday calls started up again. It was cool, Jessica and Dana are pretty much going to be the greatest crew heads EVER, and it will be a magical experience. Plus our designer is a) awesome, and b) super duper organized. It will be good times, I think.

Friday was totally normal and regular.

Saturday after call a bunch of us had planned to go to New City, which is the goth club in Edmonton. It was... Interesting to say the least. I thought I had left my goth days behind me, but alas, most of my friends thrive more in New City than they would at Union or any club on Whyte, so yeah.
The group that went was me, Izzy, Erika, Celyne, Kym, Wendelynn, and David. It was okay, fun and such, but so super loud and the music was... Well, yeah. We didn't stay out super late, which was totally fine by me.
My next club experience will (hopefully) be more gangsta. Or... Not goth.

Sunday I had a day off and it was BEAUTIFUL. I got stuff DONE. I did SO MUCH laundry, I TOTALLY cleaned my room, I went grocery shopping, and made a slight attempt to catch up on reading and stuff. It was good. I enjoyed.

Pretty much last week was a bunch of the regular class, call, SLEEP. Nothing super exciting happened at all... So that's cool...

Call on Friday got cut 15 minutes short so we could all run downstairs and watch the torch being lit at the Opening Ceremonies, and also see my teacher, Geoff, do his firework thing. It was kind of amusing watching a huge event like that with a bunch of techies. When the hydraulics on the cauldron didn't work, and the athletes were looking kind of nervous, and before the commentators said anything, Morgan was like "You know there are a hundred theatre techs running around right now going 'What's wrong? Why isn't it working?'" and she was so right. We were amused.
Also, Brock apparently tapped, but I totally missed it. That was disappointing.

After call me and David jumped on the midnight bus and came HOME for READING WEEK.
I was going to make an attempt to write my English 103 essay... Buuuut... Yeah. Busses are ridiculously cramped, and it's a research essay... So yeah. Didn't happen so much, really. I mostly listened to my iPod while David slept. After our transfer in Dawson I read a bit, and did sleep for a little while.

Saturday, after my mom picked me up, I mostly just lazed around the house. I watched a bit of the Olympics, because apparently I am interested in Winter sports. Who knew?

Sunday I continued to laze around the house and get NOTHING DONE. It was kind of awesome.
I went to Carly's around 7:00 to watch movies and hang out. She was my Valentine :3 It was awesome. We watched Post Grad, which was really good, and then some random TV shows. We also had chai tea and apple cake. Both were delightful. It was a good night.

Today I did a little bit of work on my sewing samples, watched more Olympics, and then went to the studio for Large Group.
I had only meant to stay from 4:30 until around 6:00, but somehow ended up staying until 8:30. Amanda is very conniving when she wants to be, ha ha. Their dances aren't looking too terrible, and I enjoy most of them. At least, the ones I got to see, ha ha. I found out I actually get to see two of their competitions, so I am thuper excited!

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On A Desert Island With Thee

February 7th, 2010 (09:20 pm)

feeling:: cheerful
dancing to:: 2 am - Alexz Johnson

AKA The Longest Livejournal Entry EVER

Tuesday, January 5
Had my first English 103 class. I was pretty convinced I was going to be on my own in that class, as there's not very many of us that survived English 102. Turns out Gennieve is in my class, so that's awesome because I love Gennieve so much. The class is going to be AWESOME. My teacher seems really super duper awesome, and kind of hippieish, which I, of course, enjoy. One of the books we're reading is Heart of Darkness, which I did last year and ACED the essay on. So yeah, I am excited for Literature. It will be good times.
After class me and Gennieve went down to the bookstore and bought all our English books, and I got some of my Theatre Prod books. My Wardrobe book cost a lot of money, so I didn't buy it... Because I didn't have enough.
After lunch we had Stage Craft. It will be interesting. On the one hand I think it would be cool to know how to do, and my teacher is SO AWESOME, but on the other hand I am mildly terrified of the power tools. A lot. But I will get through it and pass and never touch a power tool AGAIN.
Lighting is the new Audio. I hope to learn though osmosis again. It shouldn't be too hard, the hardest part is the math and we did it in Audio, so... Yeah. I will be good.
Then I had a call and stuff went down. Me and Julius made armour until 10:00 at night? Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Wednesday, January 6
Wardrobe is going to be SO AWESOME. I will loooove it. Geri is our teacher, and I mostly just love her. She takes good care of us Wardrobe Crew types. Plus the sewing seems pretty basic and such, so I should be able to get a good mark.
Theatre History could possibly be interesting... If John didn't go on random speils about things that are not really relevant to the subject at hand really at all. I will probably also learn this class through osmosis. It will be awesome.
More call stuff. More armour making until 10:00 at night.

Thursday, January 7
English in the morning. Poetry and stuff, I think?
Also Stage Craft.
Paint class! I will love it! Mostly because I looooove George. He's so interesting, and has pretty much done everything. The man was in a movie! Because he painted a helicopter in 25 minutes or sth like that! Idk he's awesome. Also, he knows Brad Pitt. Now, I don't like Brad Pitt, but that's pretty cool.
More call. More armour. Too much Julius.

Friday, January 8
I got to sleep in! Kind of. History doesn't start until 10:00 on Fridays, so that is DELIGHTFUL. Oh so DELIGHTFUL.
Then there were call antics. More armour until 10:00 at night. The same 10 songs over and over and over and over and over and I wanted to KILL MYSELF.
That's pretty much it.

Tech Week
David got in on the Saturday. It was awesome and cool.
Basically me and Julius worked like psychopaths, with help from Kate. She was supposed to help us out for one day, but she ended up staying for at least 3. Me and her made all the helmets by ourselves. It was GLORIOUS.
I really really really missed Wardrobe though. Especially my Wardrobe homies. I missed them all dearly while I toiled away in Armour Alley.
Julius became an abusive dictator, also. Not for real. He only beat me twice, both because he was excited about things going well/working out/etc.
Quotes from the Week of Hell
Izzy: I know where to draw my line; with a tasty, tasty steak.
Wendelynn: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Trent: Love is making out with someone after they throw up.
Tyler: Every single dinosaur, including the woolly mammoth.
Matt R: Not a dinosaur.
Tyler: Well, that's debatable.

Costume Parade
Costume Parade is basically exactly what it sounds like. We run around like crazies and dress the actors in all their costumes and parade them around in from of the designer, choreographer, and director.
I spent a good hour running up and down three flights of stairs, hauling armour down. Then April freaked out on Julius and I kept getting sent to do repairs and things. It sucks aaaass. But I got a lot of exercise, so there's that...
Behind the scenes was pretty crazy and hectic and wow, but apparently in the room went really well and smoothly.
I got called in at one point to see the armour and be congratulated and complimented and all that fun stuff. Can I just say... All that work? WORTH IT. SO WORTH IT.
Afterwards we went over notes and things, April FLIPPED SHIT on Cassandra, that was emotional. We don't like April. Then eventually we got to go home. At, like 7:30. It was AWESOME. I LOVED IT SO MUCH.
Me and Izzy went grocery shopping, ordered a pizza, and hung out and watched a movie with David.

The Rest of Tech Week
After Costume Parade all the work on the armour that had to be done in the shop was done, so I got to return to Wardrobe World for the HELL that is hand sewing.
One day me and Celyne spent a good hour yelling at each other in fake British accents. We were alone, except for Jill, who just laughed at us. It was SO FUN. We yelled nonsense insults and other such things at each other. It was awesome. I loved it. At one point the security guard came in, went "Sounds like someone's having fun..." and then left. It was awesome.
More Quotes From Tech Week
Cassie: Why are there still stains?
Kate: Well bleach doesn't get out everything.
Cassie: Does it get out DEATH?
Julius: Ugh, what's that smell? ...Canceeeer!
(scarecrow pick up lines)
Julius: I've got a lot of sticks.
Gennieve: How about you help me with my stuffing?
Julius: I was fine, and I didn't even wear gloves.
Me: ...I'm supposed to be wearing gloves? ...AGH! It's on me!
(possibly the best idea we've ever had. The following events did not actually happen)
April: What's this? Why aren't you sewing?
Wardrobe Mistresses: We've spent the last three hours digging a hole. This. Is. WARDROBE! (kick)
Cassandra: Why not just push It off the roof, to save time and all.
Celyne: How are we supposed to get It onto the roof?
Cassandra: There have cranes.
Cassandra: They'll all look like crabs! Pretty, pretty crabs!
Celyne: I think you need to leave for a little while.
Cassandra: No, I think she needs to stay.
Celyne: She can sew out in the-
Julius: I'm going to tell the future. ...Meaghan, you're going to die. It also says you're quite the ho.
Izzy: It would be gooder if I was still sleeping.
Wendelynn: Yeah. Maybe you could form a sentence without the word 'gooder' in it.
Izzy: ...Yeah!
Izzy: 1 plus 3 equals 4!
Cassandra: Who unplugged the iron?
Jill: We were all leaving, it was for safety.
Cassandra: I was still here!
Jill: It was for safety!
Me: What are you doing, Cassandra?
All of us, continuously: Yo, what's up barracuda! Suddata suddata 6 o' clock!

Dress/Quick Change Rehearsal
This day was a whole big mash up of "Wtf how do I quick change people?" I am a master at quick changing myself, but changing other people? God no. Never done it.
We got to practice one quick change before the dress rehearsal, because there was a big change with everyone at the end that was about 1:15 seconds. I, for some reason, ended up with more actors than everyone else. But it's okay! Because Geran came off before everyone else, so I changed him, then ran past Tyler as he and Tim came off, and changed Tim, because he had the most complicated change. It was good. Not terrible. I don't know how useful I was, but whatev, I did it.
During our supper break Cassandra rearranged the Don/Doff sheet so that we really only worked with a couple actors each. I got Bracken and Colin and it was awesome. I love Bracken.
During the dress rehearsal we all kind of ran around like crazy people because we didn't really know what was going on. During my second change, with Bracken, which was about 2 minutes long I was definitely missing a piece of her costume. I didn't realize she didn't wear her bodysuit in the first scene like all the other girls. So I ran down to the dressing room, grabbed it, ran back upstairs, changed her and she STILL made it onstage on time. I am awesome.
In the second act Tyler came up to me and was like "Hey, I have a quick change they didn't account for. Wanna help me out?" So I did. But he wasn't sure when it was. So that was fun. I basically just sat around and waited for him to appear so I could change him.

Preview was a lot less crazy than Dress Rehearsal. There were, however, a lot of "WTF is going on in this play?" moments. It was the weirdest, most random play EVER in the existence of the world.

Opening went well, I think, anyway. Nothing went horrendously wrong, so that's a good thing.
After the show me and Morgan went to Res to pick up David, then we went to Brado's. April had given us drinking money because we had done such a good job. Julius and Cassandra convinced me to do a shot, so I had a porn star. It was good. I actually liked it. At one point Chris did the whole "You need to be more drunk!" thing and went off and bought me a bottle cap. That was also good.
Around 1:00 Izzy said she was leaving, so me and David went with her. We dropped off Crystal and Craig at their respective homes and then decided to go to Denny's.
This just in - Denny's at 2 am... MY NEW FAVORITE THING. Drunk people everywhere, and really good breakfast. It was so fun. I loved it so much.

Saturday, January 23
Got to sleep in, and that was just awesome. Best day ever.
I think we went in for 2:00, and just did some repairs and finishing touches and things, so that was decent.
The show itself went good too, not that I really remember all that much at this point.

Sunday, January 24
At this point everyone in Wardrobe was kind of like "Why were we so hectic and crazy the first few days?" We knew the show a bit better and ended up sitting A LOT backstage.
We started reading at this point, so yay getting homework done during shows.

Dark Day
Return to classes. Which was decent. Stuff went down? Idk.
Me, Wendelynn, Izzy, and Erika went grocery shopping, so I had food again. Yay food!
After that Crystal, Mel, David, and Serena joined us and we helped move Wendelynn from her room with the evil roommate to a bachelor.
After we were done moving Wendelynn we hung out in the 4 West lounge and watched Noises Off! which is SO FUNNY and ate pizza.
Noises Off! might be one of my favorite movies ever. It's totally good for theatre techs, and actors too, probably.
During all of this I was also running about doing the laundry for the shows.

January 26-28
Regular classes and shows and things.

Friday, January 29
Was a regular class day, until lunch when the crews for Pacific Overtures got posted. I had signed up for Assistant Stage Manager, Wardrobe, and Audio, and had gotten drafted to Carp. I was so not into that. I started crying in homeroom, not that I meant to, it just kind of happened. Dana pulled me aside and tried to make me feel better, and Cassandra did too.
Then basically a whole lot of stuff went down and I somehow ended up on Wardrobe. Not sure on exactly how it happened, but I was not going to complain.
My parents also arrived on this day. They took me to Moxie's for supper and it was SO GOOD. I enjoyed greatly.
We did a show, and it went well, as far as I can remember. Armour was breaking left right and center this whole time, so anything that went wrong there wasn't new...

Saturday, January 30
Woke up, got ready, and went to Kingsway with my parents. Had breakfast at Second Cup, and that was yummy and delightful. We shopped around and I got some clothes and things. It was good. I had fun shopping with my mom.
Then we went back to Res, got ready, and went to supper at Red Robin. Also tasty and delicious.
Then I got dropped off for my call time. Izzy brought David over from Res, and Kaitlin flipped out when she finally got to meet him. It was adorable and cute and awesome. I lol'd.
Closing night was awesome crazy times. As the actors were bowing I ninja'd into the green room and stole Matt R's helmet, since he was trying to steal it from me. I bolted out into the lobby after, met up with my parents and gave them a tour. There was a whole big thing with Matt and his helmet, he gave me puppy eyes... I gave him the helmet. I couldn't resist the puppy eyes.
After I was free to go we went out to Boston Pizza and had delightful desserts. It was fun times.

Sunday, January 31
Me and my parents went out for breakfast to Denny's, and then went shopping at West Ed. It was cool. I got a lot of CDs and DVDs and stuff. I got the Pirate Radio soundtrack, the I <3 Jonas DVD (shut up), and Hitch. I think I possibly bought other stuff too, but I don't remember at this point, ha ha.
We hung around West Ed for a long time, and we went to the Sherlock Holmes pub. It was pretty cool.
Around 4:30 we left and went back to Res. We changed and then walked up to the Mongolie Grill. I love it there so much. I got a lot of stuff this time, it cost more than any other time. I also got a xanga for dessert. SO GOOD. Ugh. Loved it.
Then we went back to Res and I attended a sundae night with my floor, then did some homework and stuff.

So yeah. That was January. It was good times. I will (hopefully) never have to write an entry this long AGAIN. I hate it so. It takes so much time... (large dramatic sigh)

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Sandy, You're Not As Dumb As I Thought

February 2nd, 2010 (06:42 pm)

feeling:: bouncy
dancing to:: Yesterday Man - Chris Andrews

Just posting quickly to notify those who actually read this that I am, in fact, still alive!
January was obviously a crazy month, proven by the fact that I haven't posted since before classes started again...

ANYWAY. Yankee went really well, more detailed posts will happen later.

Classes are interesting... I USED A BAND SAW. Also a compound miter saw. EXCITING ACHIEVEMENTS!


Going out for supper now with David and Izzy for David's birthdaay.

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I Am Not Irrelevant!

January 4th, 2010 (11:29 pm)

feeling:: blank
dancing to:: HIMYM season 3

OKAY, so Boxing Day shopping was fun. I got regular Rock Band for $20, I Love You, Man, 21, 13 Going on 30, Little Black Book, How I Met your Mother season 4, aaand... Um, yeah I think that is it. It was pretty good, everything was ridiculously cheap.
After we were done shopping we picked up David and we had a sleepover of epic proportions. Granted, I don't remember at this point what the epic was, but it was awesome, I'm sure.

On the 27th me and David hung out more, then I drove him home and picked up Amanda from Babes in Toyland rehearsal. We went to Wendy's for supper, and then went to see Old Dogs. It was a decent movie, we cracked up a whole ton, so that's always a good sign. After the movie Amanda came back to my house and we watched a billion movies. We watched the Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging movie. It was GOOD. I really liked it. It was close enough to the books, and was just really well done. We also watched Four Christmases and Dance Flick. Dance Flick was terrible, as it's supposed to be. Pretty much all the good stuff was in the preview. But whatev, we watched it anyway.

The next morning we watched Wicked, then I drove Amanda home. The rest of the 28th was lame and boring, as far as I can remember.

The 29th I went into town and bought Glee Season 1, Volume 1, and then went to see The Princess and the Frog with Carly. It was DELIGHTFUL AND AWESOME AND HOME TO MY FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS AND SECOND FAVORITE DISNEY VILLAIN. Ugh. So good. I adored.
After the movie Carly came over and we marathoned Glee. We got through all the episodes except for the finale, which we got to at 4:00 in the morning and decided to save it for after sleep. Which we did. The next morning/afternoon after we woke up we watched the last episode of Glee and then just chilled and did a puzzle and such.
Then I drove her home to the boonies.

The 30th was eh, as per usual. That night me and my parents went to see Babes in Toyland. There was a ridiculous amount of kids in the cast, but it was pretty good. Emry did an excellent job. The dancers were good too, even if only one of them had a line. I was proud. : )

The 31st me and my mom went shopping. We went up to Sew it Yourself and I chatted with Melanie while my mom bought fabric for a quilt. Then we went to Warehouse One and bought me some new jeans and a delightful hat. After Warehouse One we went to Wal Mart where I got a really cute new shirt. It required a slight alteration, but it's awesome now.
After my mom's birthday supper I drove up to David's for New Years. We chilled out with Nicole and her friends, played a board game and made fun of music videos and create our own count down. Then retreated to David's room where we proceeded to watch Disney Movies. Eventually we went to sleep.

The next morning I think we watched High School Musical? Or something, then I went home and lazed around and watched Brothers & Sisters or sth. idk

On the 2nd I actually had to wake up. I went into the studio to look over Lauren's solo. It was okay... She has the lip syncing down, so that's good. She had forgotten it at first, but once we started reviewing things went better. She forgot two little parts which I just redid, because I couldn't remember either. Hopefully she does good at competition. I think she will. It's pretty adorable, and she's a good little dancer.
I should get to see it in Fort Saskatchewan, unless I have an exam. Which I will then try to get out of, ha ha.
I then had to pack like a crazy person. THINGS DID NOT FIT. IT WAS NOT COOL. Eventually I got everything but Rock Band in.

The 3rd I also had to wake up. We dropped my brother off at the airport at 10, and then left for Grande Prairie. Once we hit Grande Prairie we went for lunch which took FOREVER and then went to the airport. My flight was delayed 45 minutes, so that kind of sucked. Eventually we boarded and then left and the flight was, like 20 minutes shorter than they said so that was okay.
Morgan picked me up at the airport and that was delightful. I missed her so! : D
After she dropped me off at Res and helped me carry all my crap up she had to go and pick up her sister so I was totally alone. I went to Safeway and picked up a couple of things, then unpacked and put everything away.

Today I woke up and went into the City Center Campus. I got my winter U Pass, and dropped David's transcripts off, then I caught the bus to West Ed. I bought two tops at Old Navy, a belt at Icing, and then Cherry Blossom perfume from The Body Shop. I got some Starbucks and then caught the bus back to Res.
I went for real grocery shopping and bought stuff I don't know how to cook. But I WILL LEARN. Ha ha.
When I got back from the grocery store Leah had gotten back, so that was good. I was no longer alone.
I hung out and watched Wizards and cooked and stuff, and then Jessamy and Elisa got back. Me and Leah helped them carry their stuff up, then we all hung out while they unpacked.

Now me and Jessamy are watching HIMYM and I am debating going to bed or something of the sort.

So yeah, it is good to be back in Edmonton, and classes should be interesting this semester.

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A Year In Review

December 28th, 2009 (05:12 pm)

feeling:: calm
dancing to:: Supernatural season 3

Stolen from davidychus, done while totally bored.

Possibly boring stuff...Collapse )

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I Forgot How Awesome Christmas Is!

December 25th, 2009 (10:48 pm)

feeling:: giddy
dancing to:: Alone - Glee

This may be the most obscure quote I've ever used as a title...
But anyway...

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and that was pretty awesome. I slept way way way in, and then just kind of hung around the house all day. I wrapped my presents and watched Supernatural and talked with David and it was cool and chill.
Around 5:00 I moved from my room to downstairs and hung out with my family. We didn't really do a lot, just kind of talked and stuff. After supper, which was tourtiere as it is every Christmas Eve, my mom cleaned up and me and my dad went down to the basement and played a couple games of darts, before returning to the kitchen for boardgames. Me and my mom had bought a game called Beat the Parents which is basically just a trivia game, kids vs parents. It became very clear after me and my brother beat my parents the first time that by 'kids' the game clearly meant '6 year olds' so we switched and answered the parent questions, too. That was more even, but we still beat them.
After that me, dad, and Seamus migrated to the basement where an epic darts tournament took place. My dad won, I came in second, and Seamus came in third, but it was all pretty even.
After darts we all pretty much went to bed.

This morning I woke up earlyish and went downstairs, only to wait an hour for my brother to wake up. Oh well, s'all good. Christmas was DELIGHTFUL. I got wonderful things, and my family liked their presents, so that was good.
My big present was definitely a Wii, and Beatles Rock Band, which was the biggest thing I asked for, so that's okay. I <3 it soooo.
I also got Brothers & Sisters season 3 and How I Met Your Mother season 3 on DVD.
Bookwise I got Treasures of The Beatles, A Hard Day's Write, Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me (WHICH I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FOR TWO YEARS), Someone Like Me, and a neat little scrapbook my mom made online of our New York Trip. It's completely wonderful and I adore it.
I also got Glee: The Music, Volume 2, cherry blossom stuff from The Body Shop, a comfy sweater, gift certificates, an iPod case, and Beatles Trivial Pursuit.
Oh, and my dad gets us each on ornament every year. This year may be my favorite yet. He definitely got me a High School Musical 3 ornament. It definitely has Corbin, Lucas, and the Zef on it. It definitely sings 'Now or Never.' Best ever? I think so.

After presents we had breakfast and that was delightful, then I hooked up my Wii and Beatles Rockband downstairs and me and Seamus started the story mode. We got pretty far, and then decided to take a break. I then taught my dad how to play golf on Wii Sports. He enjoyed that a lot, and actually didn't do too badly. I was proud of him. : D
After that me and Seamus played more Beatles Rock Band, and then we sat around and hung out. Before supper we played a half game of Beatles Trivial Pursuit. I technically won, though I only had 3 triangles. It's a pretty tough game. There are some ridiculous questions that I can't imagine anyone knowing. But it's super fun, so I <3 it.

After supper me and Seamus played more Beatles Rock Band, and then taught our parents how to play. That was a bit of a gong show, but it was amusing at the very least.

Now I'm just chilling out and making a list of things to buy at Boxing Day sales tomorrow.

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It's Better Than Eggnog

December 24th, 2009 (12:08 pm)

feeling:: chipper
dancing to:: Love Bug - The Jonas Brothers

Greetings and salutations, readers! (...Morgan, David, and possibly Izzy...)

So Sunday I ended up hanging out with my dad in our (NEW IMPROVED) basement and playing darts. I totally beat him once, but then he beat me... Of course, we found out later we were playing wrong. And when we do play right? My dad wins ALL THE TIME. Clearly, darts is not for me. And I should obviously not be trusted in a game that involves throwing tiny pointed objects. Just saying.

Monday I went shopping in town with my mom. Nothing's really changed since I've been away, so that's nice. ...Except that things changed before I left, and I almost forgot ha ha. I forgot how our mall kind of explodes with stores at Christmas time. It's crowded as Hell with all the vendors set up in the middle. We didn't buy much at the mall, just a board game to play Christmas Eve.
we went to Safeway and got Starbucks and... Other stuff that is less important and therefore I forgot.
Started watching Celyne's Supernatural season 3. I forgot that the beginning was actually good, and now I can't recall when I stopped watching. Possibly after the creepy dead pirate episode. I am unsure.
Also episode 4 of The Beautiful Life was posted AND I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET. D:

Tuesday my brother got home, so that was cool. I had an eye appointment and was SUPPOSED to get the H1N1 shot, but I forgot my care card. TAKE THAT! Ha ha haaaa! ...I didn't even do it on purpose.
Tuesday night me and Carly went to see Old Dogs. It was actually good! At first we were disappointed we didn't pick The Princess and the Frog, because the preview looked ridiculously funny, but Old Dogs was really good. We're pretty sure we got weird looks because we kept cracking up and DYING of laughter. I drove her home afterward, and that is an adventure by itself. Because Carly lives in the boonies. Quite literally. She's 20 minutes out of town in the opposite direction as Taylor. So yeah. I signed myself up for an hour drive home. But it was fun. We jammed and talked and were the general freaks that we always have been. It was fun. We made plans to go see Princess and the Frog and have a Glee marathon on the 29th. EXCITEMENT.

Yesterday I made Christmas cupcakes, Seuss style. They're so fun! I want to make actual Seuss ones at some point. But probably not while I'm home... Whatev. It will happen and be joyous.
I spent a good amount of the day chilling with my brother in the family room watching the Discovery Channel. I learned how to make Segways and balloons. Guess what, I could make a Segway. Srsly. It does not look incredibly hard.
I also forced my father to watch an episode of Glee with me. It was a good episode, the Single Ladies football episode which probably has a real name that I do not actually know.

So yeah, Christmas is tomorrow and that's exciting. I'm back to Edmonton in 11 days or so. Depending on when I actually choose to leave.

Also, Kevin Jonas should NOT wear floral short shorts on his honeymoon. It makes us sad for him.

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Why Are There Fans?!

December 20th, 2009 (04:02 pm)

feeling:: chipper
dancing to:: Still In Love With You - The Jonas Brothers

In case it wasn't made obvious by the last post... I am a 12 year old girl. It is not a big deal. I have accepted this as my fate.

My week has been relatively boring and low key... For the most part. I spent most of my time chilling out and talking to David and texting with Morgan.

Wednesday I got my hair done and it is super cool. I enjoy it immensely.

Thursday was an intense day. First of all I found out that they are POSTING ALL THE EPISODES OF THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE ON YOUTUBE. BEST DAY EVER. They had already posted the third one and why hello there Corbin Bleu. I have missed you dearly.
Also, Corbin Bleu in In The Heights? Going to see it? You better fricking believe I am.
This was also the day we found out about Kevin Jonas' wedding. And didn't believe it even a little bit. It is, of course, true, but I have a list of reasons why I don't think it will last... Which I will resist posting here.
...For now.

Friday I went to David's house and chilled with him and Nicole. If by "chilled" you mean "played Beatles Rockband and watched a thousand Jonas Brothers movies" ...And I do! It was super awesome good times. Beatles Rockband KIND OF COMPLETES MY LIFE. In more ways than I can possibly express. Seriously.
Also Joe Jonas is shirtless in a ridiculous amount of things. Like more than Disney should be allowing. And Nick Jonas needs to stop being 17 and LOOKING LIKE HE IS 20.
We also watched 17 Again with my new found love of The Zef. It is a ridiculously good (and creepy) movie, made ever better by the fact that Sterling Knight is awkward and cute and awkward.

Saturday morning we hung out and watched Wizards of Waverly Place and my love of David Henrie was born. It's all David's fault, really. ...That's my David, not D Hen.

This morning I started watching Wizards from episode 1, and while it is no JONAS it is still a pretty decent show. It has it's moments, anyway.

Also, I have changed a good number of my tags, because I am not nearly amusing enough for myself.

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December 19th, 2009 (07:18 pm)

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Or, actually, a better question:


It is a serious problem. Me and davidychus spent the better part of two days FREAKING OUT over Kevin Jonas' impending nuptials. THIS IS NOT A GOOD WAY FOR AN 18 YEAR OLD UNIVERSITY STUDENT TO SPEND TWO DAYS! And yet, I did.

However, I have decided to pretty much IGNORE THE CRAP OUT OF IT.
Yeah. It's mature.
Yeah. I am awesome.

In other slightly related news...
Why hello David Henrie, you are very attractive. And also super adorable on Wizards.
And also kind of a douche in real life.
In short: You are awesome and I enjoy it.