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Sometimes I Can Be Sassy ...Not Really

September 20th, 2011 (09:00 pm)

-I already have so many feelings
-Oh. They're establishing the age differences already. Good for you, Murphy.
-I feel like Mercedes has become a different character. This could be because we didn't see her at all last year... And she's never really gotten character development...
-...He set up lights?
-No more Lauren? What is this madness?
-How many people short are they? Is Quinn coming back? Confuuused.
-Wow. They did no school research. Fail.
-Blaine and Kurt why are you so freaking cute. ...A little nauseating. But cute.
-Quinn. What what what are you doing?
-They accept you for who you are? ...Because Glee didn't?
-Is that random Quinn!friend Courtney Galiano? I feel like it is.
-First commercial break: 2 shots. This is gonna be a good season...
-Will is still a little creepy
-Why is the band set up in the cafeteria? Why?
-I hate new characters. And yet there will be at least two of them.
-Beeeeeiste. Yaaaaaaay!
-I love this Kurt and Rachel friendship direction they're going in. It makes Rachel likable.
-Kurt is a munchkin. KURT IS A MUNCHKIN.
-Blaine transferred to McKinley! Oh my God! No, really who didn't see that coming?
-Blaine, honey. What are your pants?
-I have so much love for this song.
-Oh, Blainers... Yay for D Criss being a series regular. Huzzah!
-Okay. Here's a question... Why did the Cheerios put lighter fluid on the piano? The flame didn't look planned?
-Oh, Kurt. Come here and let me hug you.
-I just became so mesmerized I actually had nothing to say...
-Oh. Blaine has a last name. That isn't Warbler.
-SCHUE. You are two members down. Do not get rid of Santana. She is too epic to be kicked out.
-Oh... Glee... Noooo.
-The Glee club is so... Small. Oh I guess it's because two of them are playing instruments. That could do it.

Glee Drinking Game shots in this episode: 5! Yaaay!