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Sometimes (More Often Then Not) Glee is Rly Bad

April 25th, 2011 (08:27 pm)

The complete list of rules for the Glee drinking game.

Do a shot/Take a drink every time...
- Rachel is overly dramatic
- Sue tries to destroy the Glee club
- There is an unrealistic musical number (pyro, lights, props, matching costumes that could not have come from their own closets ie: Gaga, Kiss, etc.)
- There is a blatant plot hole
- Sue makes a comment about Will's hair
- Rachel scrunchy-face cries
- They trade partners (break up and/or start dating)
- A teacher is mildly or completely inappropriate with a 16 year old or just really creepy (coughWillcough)
- Every time Santana bitch faces