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Forks Are For Eating, Tridents Are For Ruling The Seven Seas

October 4th, 2010 (12:54 pm)

feeling:: hot
dancing to:: Boom Boom Pow - The Black Eyed Peas

Wellll I'm currently like super bored, and sitting in the Prod Office at school so I suppose I might as well update.

September was "Management Month" for us wonderful second year Prod kids, and it went well, I suppose. It was kind of super dull compared to Footings last year, but it was a necessary evil, and I think I learned what I need to.
We picked (or rather, got picked) our crew head positions for our three shows this year. I'm Head of Audio for High Society, nothing for The Music Man, and Production Manager for Company.
Audio will be interesting, but I'm already learning a lot and it should be pretty fun.
I still can't really believe that I got picked to be a Production Manager. I never ever ever saw that coming, though I hoped a lot, cause I really wanted it. I'm really excited for that to happen.

Um... There were some parties. Me and Izzy dressed up as Glinda and Elphaba for the Fantasy Kink party, which is always the first party of the year for the Grant Mac theatre kids. Then there was the Footings/Management wrap party at Morgan's which was so chill and so fun and just awesome.

Real classes started today, and since I only have three classes I ended up with a giant break between our Production Meeting and Props I. So I am chilling in the Prod Office with Joyce and Nicole. Apparently we're the only ones who aren't taking Stage Craft...

Oh! Oh and Glee!
Glee kind of sucks so far this season, but I have hopes and dreams that it will get better, because it is Glee and it hasn't ever really let me down before. If it continues it's downwards spiral I will simply have more fun playing the Glee Drinking Game.
Which, since I don't drink, mostly consists of me yelling "SHOT" at the TV. Good times, really.